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To Borrow a Kiss

Making New Friends

After an accidental week off, Claire is back in the kitchen after her impressive run on the critically acclaimed Previous Previews tournament. Pat and Claire are joined by Victoria, and quickly prove that they should really stay out of other people’s business. It turns out that borrowing things until you forget about them is not stealing, love is hard, and 9/11 was both 13 years ago and once every year. So be a good person and don’t wash your hands, it’s time to make a new friend!


One ShotPodcasts

53. One Last Job Part 3

One Shot

It comes down to a high stakes performance as our team of rag tag magicians plots to steal the unicorn tapestry which is apparently a very important cultural treasure. There will be  explosions, there will be a wedding, someone pulls a Hamlet, someone makes a U2 pun, and it all comes together with some close up magic, the dessert of magics.


Dilettante BallPodcasts

Racial wage gap in the United States

Dilettante Ball

What’s crappening in this episode: #GDBQR2014, quarters are about the size of dimes, coming up on episode 100, crazy assholes will have to eat their own shit, Gay Pride Whopper, cool cops, animals don’t know better, cat loves the troops, the dragonfly effect, everything is awful let’s start over, 8 year olds slinging racial slurs, jukebox band, what is Thomas the Tank Engine