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53. One Last Job Part 3

One Shot

It comes down to a high stakes performance as our team of rag tag magicians plots to steal the unicorn tapestry which is apparently a very important cultural treasure. There will be  explosions, there will be a wedding, someone pulls a Hamlet, someone makes a U2 pun, and it all comes together with some close up magic, the dessert of magics.


Dilettante BallPodcasts

Racial wage gap in the United States

Dilettante Ball

What’s crappening in this episode: #GDBQR2014, quarters are about the size of dimes, coming up on episode 100, crazy assholes will have to eat their own shit, Gay Pride Whopper, cool cops, animals don’t know better, cat loves the troops, the dragonfly effect, everything is awful let’s start over, 8 year olds slinging racial slurs, jukebox band, what is Thomas the Tank Engine


PodcastsThe Don Doyle Show

Summer Concert Series 3

The Don Doyle Show

Slayer had to cancel their spot on the show this week due to unforseen scheduling conflicts as well as they forgot they were supposed to be on. To fill their place in the Summer Concert Series, Don and his loyal friends had to turn to producer Jack Wittels and his band Butt Dickus, a play on famed Chicago Bear Dick Butkus. Very clever Jack. Get ready for some truth!


Making New FriendsPodcasts

The Next Action Star

Making New Friends

Have you ever been fake punched by a man? Garrett, Chris, and Pat get this once in a lifetime opportunity when Punch O’Hollihan drops by the studio. Punch is the next big action star who is about to wiggle his way onto the silver screen. He’s halfway through his 90 week workshop, and as soon as he is done he can single handedly kick an entire army to the curb.