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Making New FriendsPodcasts

101: The Art of Long Form Fiction

Making New Friends

The artistic talent in the infamous Kitchen Studios is simply overwhelming on this week’s podcast. Prolific musician and podcaster, Jousha Wentz joins Pat in the kitchen to talk about fruit flies in kitchen sinks. After the dance, the guys are joined by E.L. Berg, the writer of the teenage horror fiction series Measles. These novels are much much much scarier than Goosebumps. Is it really that much scarier? Listen to find out.


Dilettante BallPodcasts

Brian the Bachelor

Dilettante Ball

What’s crappening in this episode: #GDBQR2014, new year new format, every episode is spooky, new national tragedy, why do pimples come to life, October is birthday month, weird racist shirts, bad gifts, teddies are 90s sexy, Barbara Walters filter, superpants and subpants, why are British people so wack, what can a man do to be sexy, silk boxers, Space Jam isn’t great


One ShotPodcasts

65. S-N-HELL

One Shot

This week James brings Johnny O’Mara, Spencer Hamilton, and Patrick McDonald on the show to celebrate the creepening of Halloween. In this game of Dread the boys get the chance to audition for SNL and it goes just about as badly as an audition could possibly go.


Critical SuccessPodcasts

15. John Harper

Critical Success

John Harper is responsible for some of the most fun and influential micro systems on the internet. With games like Lasers and Feelings, Lady Blackbird, and Ghost Echo in his portfolio Harper is the king of micro games. In this discussion James and John discuss Johns approach to gaming, his design philosophy, loosen the definition of “game designer,” and fix everything.


PodcastsThe Overshare

Courtney Crary and Tess Borgerding

The Overshare

Every important piece of pop-culture has a wedding episode, and we’re no different, just not important! Alex and James invite Courtney Crary and Tess Borgerding on the show this week to give a quick recap of the highs and lows of Alex and Courtney’s recent wedding day. We discuss how Alex almost got in his first street brawl while still in his tux, and James is frightened by a prowling bridesmaid.