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Making New FriendsPodcasts

Flavor Savers and Your Brain

Making New Friends

Romeo and Rodney from the Flavor Savers are in the kitchen! Pat and the guys hit it home when talking about baseball, musical niches, and going retro. After the dance, Millwood Smiley joins the podcast to discuss his new book What Your Brain Does: and Why is it Interesting. The conversation leads the group to a quick trip to the beach, and back to Millwood’s book store on the legendary and hip (according to Russell Crowe) Riverwalk in Naperville, IL.


One ShotPodcasts

61. Feng Shui 2 Part 1

One Shot

Two years after busting up the Cobra run drug gang in New York, Inspector Jackie (Chris Sims) is visited by his brother Ray, his niece Angela (Kat Murphy), and notable street tough Tommy Euphrates (John Patrick Coan.) A lot has changed for our heroes in two years, but somethings never change as a policeman’s ball turns into a deadly hostage crisis. The shadow of doom looms over our rag tag team as they face down an old enemy. Can they prevail? Listen in and find out!


PodcastsThe Overshare

Benji Orlansky and John Patrick Coan

The Overshare

James and Alex at The Overshare proudly present the dumbest episode we’ve ever recorded. Joining us to bring you this 50 minute blooper of an episode are Benji Orlansky and John Patrick Coan. We probe reddit for some meaningful suggestions and immediately jump the rails and stay off them for a barn-burning 45 minutes. Don’t listen to this, but please listen to this.


Dilettante BallPodcasts

Episode 100! Article Blitz

Dilettante Ball

What’s crappening in this episode: #GDBQR2014, The Disney vault, Helen Keller could see and hear, #HalloweenCreep2K14, candy corn, Colgate Optic White, hurricane categories, Weekly World News, half man half aligator, Devolution Gun, Yahoo Serious, trained bears, huge North Korea book, Tusken Raiders aren’t canon, we forgot plumbing, half of Doctor Who is lost, manatees are not mermaids


PodcastsThe Don Doyle Show

Don Doyle in the Morning

The Don Doyle Show

Welcome to ‘Season 2′ of The Don Doyle Show- Don Doyle in the Morning. The show had to take a ‘hiatus’ to ‘retool’ the show so that they could get this ‘promotion’ to be the ‘only morning show on ‘Peaches and Hot Sauce.” To celebrate the move Don has on his super agent Barry Schwitzer, without whom this great ‘promotion’ would never have happened. Don even gets a surprise visit from the ever friendly ‘Pat’ from ‘Peaches and Hot Sauce.’ Thanks for the sound board Barry! Or Pat. Still not sure who got it.