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25. Japanese Game Design

Matt Sanchez and Andy Kitowski are the two brilliant minds behind Kotodama Heavy Industries. You’ll recognize their work on games that have been translated from Japanese into english like Tenra Bansho: ZERO, Ryuutama, and Shinobigami. They about the history and development of RPGs in Japan, Japanese gaming culture, and the process of translating a game.

PodcastsThe Overshare

Courtney Crary and Derek Shoemaker

Courtney Crary and Derek Shoemaker join Alex and James this week to take your Twitter suggestions and turn them into pure, golden comedy. We also offer advice to a young man who recently helped his girlfriend out of a tough situation, and like most good deeds, it did not go unpunished.

PodcastsThe Overshare

John Patrick Coan, Jen Jackson, and Alex Nichols

John Patrick Coan guest-hosts this week as James is out of town. He flawlessly intros the show and our guests Jen Jackson and Alex Nichols. Check out this episode if you, like both Alex’s, don’t know what a diaphragm is or looks like. We also find ourselves in the middle of a fierce political battle for mayor of the playground.

PodcastsThe Overshare

Faith D’Amato, Carly Garber, and Nate Dicken

The Overshare welcomes James’ little sister Faith D’Amato to the show, as well as Carly Garber and Nate Dicken. We see the return of relationship advice with a cute story of a dog’s birthday party and a boyfriend’s overreaction. We also use a ouija board to get your improv suggestions!

PodcastsThe Overshare

Pat Winegar and Jack Pelzer

Summer’s over but this episode is hot! Patrick Winegar and Jack Pelzer join James and Alex to talk about the shortest relationships we’ve ever had, and what sort of smell we would deal with for 100 dollars. We drop a cartoon anvil on our 7th grade boyfriend, and rob a bank of their precious cursed rubies.

PodcastsThe Overshare

Mandy Sellers and Derek Shoemaker

Mandy Sellers and Derek Shoemaker join Alex and James to give some sage advice to a young man who is forbidden to take prescription medicine from his girlfriend. We also see a homeless man who sounds an awful lot like Bill Cosby.

PodcastsThe Overshare

Rich Alfonso and Miguel Lepe

This week, we’re joined by two friends with an improv team neither Alex and James feel comfortable telling you the name of. Rich Alfonso and Miguel Lepe share some cogent insights about sex and relationships, and then take your twitter suggestions.

PodcastsThe Overshare

Ali Barthwell and John Patrick Coan

Ali Barthwell and John Patrick Coan join us this week to take ALL of your Twitter suggestions, and we play some old VCR games as well. A toy store mascot steals Alex’s wife, and we steal a live whale.