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Sometimes we work on projects that are not part of a regular show or series. You can find them all here in the “Extras” section.

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The Peaches and Hot Sauce Guide to Internet Fame

Power. Wealth. Fame. Immortality. Pageviews.

These are more than just buzzwords. They’re what await you in the next half hour of never-before-seen internet commerce insights. Join Peaches & Hot Sauce’s team of visionary entrepreneurs as they teach you how to disrupt the social media landscape and innovate your way to internet fame.

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A Jangleheart Ball

Pat, Spencer, and Johnny got together to host a special live Jangleheart podcast! The table was full of friends like Chris Geiger, Kevin Reader, an Andersound board, the youngest skull busting Alderman, a body affirming wizard, an attorney avoiding Don Doyle, a fan favorite Ernie, and it all resulted in a call to the the Wiki-PD.

Quick note on sound: We were in a public area so there is a considerable amount of background noise to kick off the podcast, but luckily someone closed a door and sound gets much better about five min in. Thanks for your patience.


The BBQ Podcast

Did you miss the BBQ? Do you want an experience that is half as fun? Listen to the audio of the ceremony, and hang out as P&HS celebrates the day with the gusto it deserves.

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Media Makers: James Kamp

On the third episode of our Media Makers mini-series, Pat welcomes James Kamp into the Kitchen Studios. James is the all around crazy person who runs The goal of the site is to produce a comprehensive comedy media blog/site that supports and promotes the Chicago (as well as national) stand up comedy scene. It’s a great resource for anyone who is new to the Chicago comedy scene, as well as anyone looking to find a hilarious show to attend.

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Media Makers: Joe Avella

On the second episode of the Media Makers mini series, Pat invites filmmaker Joe Avella into the Kitchen Studios. The podcast kicks off with a conversation about doing creative services as a career, freelancing, the drawbacks/benefits of the eight hour work day, and getting paid to work on your craft. The guys move into writing web shorts and how there is not really a “right way” to be doing things.

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Media Makers: Kyle Scanlan

On this P&HS Extra, Pat invites Kyle Scanlan into the Kitchen to discuss the nuts and bolts of running a comedy website. Kyle is the creator of The Whiskey Journal, which is a satirical news outlet with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Taiwan, North Korea and the moon. The guys get into creating new content, working with contributors, web site monetization, and the struggles of being another somewhat out of shape guy with a beard in the comedy scene.



It’s the recording of our birthday party! Here’s your chance to hear the fun. Next time, come and see it so you don’t miss a thing. Thank you to everyone who came out. You’re the best.

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Previous Previews: The Finals!

Carley Moseley and Claire Friedman compete over the prestige of being crowned the greatest “Previous Previews” player in the history of time!

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Previous Previews: Get Into Focus!

The “Previous Previews” tournament continues into the tenth round as Zack Mast and Claire Friedman face off over the most focused of themes. Tune in to find out who joins Carley in the finals!

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Previous Previews: Action Movies!

The “Previous Previews” tournament continues into the ninth round as Carley Moseley and Brendon Culhane face off over the most deadly of themes. Tune in to find out who makes it to the final round!