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Dilettante BallEvery week, Johnny and Spencer attempt to discuss a Wikipedia article chosen at random. They don’t get very far. For news and info check us out on twitter and facebook.

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Wonderwall Music

What’s crappening in this episode: We’re moving to Arcade Audio, back to basics, Chi-Town Rising, lost boots, Norah Jones, Star Wars Spotify playlists, Got My Mind Set On You, shitty donuts, best commercials of 2015

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What’s crappening in this episode: Interstella 5555, we’re moving to Arcade Audio, Republican debate, Hawaiian Rolls, Hawaiian shirts, Quebec, native culture, Thor Heyerdahl, Gilligan’s Island, Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, Netflix and Treadmill

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What’s crappening in this episode: Star Wars The Force Awakens FINALLY, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bane is Munch, Inuit, Denali, Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten, tank stuff, The Wire, obvious liars, trash island

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New Mexico

What’s crappening in this episode: 4th of July Parade, Star Wars spoilers, Albuquerque, Speedy Gonzales, Crunchwraps, slippery slopes, stuffing, teen girls at Panera, #MacAndCheesePlease

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What’s crappening in this episode: Audio issues, bottom of the barrel, beehives suck, bad mottoes, bad demonyms, good clean jokes, hard to pronounce words, Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS)), Sister Wives