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One and DoneOne and Done explores the all-too-common TV show that lasted one season or less through titillating conversation. Hosts Ian Hamilton and John Poelking hold Masters degrees in Theoretical Television and Television History respectively. If you ask them what school they graduated from, they will both sweat nervously and find a way to leave. Nevertheless, they know their TV and will give their insightful insight into the show itself, the time period it was aired and other factors that may have led each show’s demise. New shows are discussed each week and guests from all around will join to help.

Why does good TV get cancelled? Why does bad TV even get made? Is the three rhetorical question gag overused? Two of the three will be answered every week on One and Done.

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After 50 episodes and one season, One and Done Podcast has been canceled by its creators. Join John, Ian, and special guest Tom Poelking on a special, bonus episode as they take this opportunity to review themselves.

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No Ordinary Family

The Powells juggle work, school and discovering their new superpowers in No Ordinary Family. This high-concept dramedy spit out low ratings until it was cancelled after its first year. Ian, John and special guest Kristen Lundberg weave a tapestry of X-Men comparisons, family drama, vindictive math teachers and pubic hair while discussing this soap version of The Incredibles.

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Wicked City

Sex, Drugs, Murder, Los Angeles; What more do people need to keep a show on the air? We aren’t sure if there’s an exact formula, but apparently decapitation and necrophilia aren’t enough. Join John, Ian, and special guest Madeline Lauzon as they discuss how wondefully awful this show is. Warning: Some podcasters were harmed during the recording of this episode. ​

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The Brink

If Will Ferrell had been in Dr. Strangelove, it might have looked something like The Brink, a geopolitical farcical satire about three disparate guys trying to stop World War III. HBO hit the button for the green light initially but changed their mind at the last minute. Ian and John take this opportunity to show off their knowledge of international relations and dick jokes.

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Family Tree

Christopher Guest (This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show) took his talents across the pond for this show about a sad sack played by Chris O’Dowd trying to figure out the details of his lineage. HBO must not have cared for the entirely improvised dialogue or maybe they’re still bitter about the Revolutionary War since it was cancelled after 8 episodes. Ian, John and special guest Jeremy Barrett talk about the humanity, awkwardness and monkey puppets that made Family Tree so special.

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That’s My Bush

What happens when you put a sassy maid, a whacky neighbor, and George W. Bush all underneath one roof? You get Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s sitcom-on-drugs version of what goes on in The Oval Office. Join John, Ian, and special guest, Patrick Winegar, as they discuss Karl Rove sucking the soul out of a dying improvisor. ​

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Michael and Michael Have Issues

Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black’s second foray into weird funnies on Comedy Central (after Stella) combines a workplace comedy and a sketch show into one raucus affair. Ian, John and special guest Devin Sanclemente discuss the ingenious insanity of dick hugger pants, golden showers and the acronym HBI.

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Back to You

In 2007, venerated sitcom stars Kelsey Grammar and Patricia Heaton teamed up with the writers that would go on to create Modern Family for the local news workplace sitcom Back to You. If these promising elements came together to shine brighter than the sun, we probably wouldn’t be talking about it here. Ian, John and special guest Cassie Kramer discuss fame, sexism and the art of being tasered. Note: The recorded spit take in the episode is legitimate.

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Celebrity Paranormal Project

​ Join John, Ian, and special guest Jason Van Houten along with VH1’s A-list of B-list celebrities as they journey into the unknown. Haunted Mansions, creepy Asylums, and cobwebbed Prisons may be spooky, but the producers cannot dream up anything scarier than whatever is going on in Gary Busey’s mind.

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Minisode: Friends with Benefits

It took 40-something episodes but your hosts Ian and John finally broke. Along with special guest Jason Van Houten, the trio of reviewers were unable to handle this terrible, terrible, show and had to hang up their spurs after only eight minutes of viewing. It’s shows like this that make us at One and Done seriously wonder if mankind even deserves to exist anymore.