PodcastawaysThree Chicago Improvisers (Geno Alesandrini, Michael Shepherd Jordan, and Samuel Priest) have been shipwrecked on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. They’re making this podcast to be rescued. Also, to be entertaining. And, as sort of a chronicling of their island lives so they won’t go insane. But mostly, to be rescued.

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Das PodcastaVAYS

Podcastaways is a podcast from 3 guys stuck on an island. DAS PODCASTAVAYS is a podcast from 3 german guys stuck on an island… some would say on purpose. They’re Geno, MJ, and Samuel’s German counterparts, and yes, some would say they have stereotypical deutschland names, but some others would just relax and enjoy… Das Podcastavays!! Git Unto Eet.


Goat Hunt

Geno, MJ, and Samuel are on the hunt this week… the hunt for a goat. But not just any goat, the greatest goat of all time… on the island. Join the podcastaways on their quest to hunt the island goat and maybe they’ll be joined by a popular island character or two. It’s silly stuff this week, GET INTO IT.


Twitter Qs

Geno, Michael, and Samuel are 3 guys stuck on an island. This week the guys take some twitter questions and talk about kissing, best dresser, wins & fins, possible island spinoffs, and sauce preferences. And, if you’re a fan of hanging on cliffs, you’re in luck, because this week we kinda sorta maybe end on a cliff… hanger! Podcastaways!


Worst Episode Ever

The Podcastaways give you “the worst episode we’ve ever recorded” this week!  Wait… we wouldn’t do that, would we?  No, it’s not that bad, it’s just real dumb towards the end part… and in the middle area.  And some moments in the beginning as well.  Listen, we added an extra special bonus, a sneak preview of our upcoming “Boner Jamz” episode which will feature full length songs… possibly about bonerz.  All that and a new segment on this week’s episode of PODCASTAWAYS!!!


Bits and Chunks

The Podcastaways visit some lost bits and chunks and clips this week… diving into some unheard little snippets of possible exorcisms, almost origin stories, and racist puns. It’s a real odd ball collection of podcastaways clips, a perfect smorgasboard of podcast fun… so HEY EVERYBODY, GET INTO IT.


Super Fight! Part 2!

The guys are still stuck on an island! So, they continue their superfight from last week, being all tied up with each other. This week, a cop/sasquatch hybrid, sumo wrestlers, dinosaurs, and more. GET INTO IT… and SUPERFIGHT!!!


Super Fight!

Oh what could be better than listening to 3 guys stuck on an island get into a free flowing conversation that ebbs and flows in and out of arguments and agreements?  How about a structured game of hypotheticals pitting Geno, MJ, and Samuel against each other?  That sound good?  Good.  This week the guys play “Super Fight!” and they really GET INTO IT over the hulk, moles, smoke monsters, pet rocks and more. Give it a gander… with your ears!



The Podcastaways are joined this week by the elephant in the room before they can really properly address the elephant in the room. Cereals are discussed, the castle history of the island is revealed, Justin the Clam makes an appearance, and and and… a climactic duel, all that and more on this week’s episode of PODCASTAWAYS!!!


Deep Sea & Outer Space

The Podcastaways waste no time getting INTO IT this week, well a little time discussing Hot Shots. Then we delve into a Let’s Get Into It featuring Deep Sea vs. Outer Space. All that and our new least favorite animal creature joins us for an appearance. Time is discussed as well. Things get shouty. Get into it.