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Mom Cop

When Chicago detectives face the most dangerous petty crime criminals, they call in the city’s finest to get the job done (if she’s not too busy running the rummage sale at her church).

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Freedom Mutual Insurance

At Freedom Mutual Insurance, we offer New Car Replacement as a standard feature on our auto policies. For drivers or tagalongs who qualify, we’ll replace the full value of a total loss—no matter what the law says.

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Ask Your Doctor

Do you suffer from moderate to severe questioning of your healthcare professional? Have you ever asked a question that lasted longer than four hours? The dedicated researchers at Peaches and Hot Sauce may have something for you.

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In October of 2015, Peaches and Hot Sauce unearthed this haunted VHS tape in an unmarked storage unit. Share this video within seven days or you will be stuck in a terrible party for the rest of your life.

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