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Fire Up the Grill!

Grab some wings and burn the bones! On June 21, join the Peaches & Hot Sauce crew as we throw some burgers on the pyre and ring in Midsummer the only way we know how. Throughout the evening, we’ll meet new characters, celebrate old gods, and maybe view some family-friendly slides.



In the 5th century A.D., snakes have invaded the idyllic hills of Ireland. Now one missionary has a new mission: to banish every snake from Ireland—before it’s too late.

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We Need to Talk About Tevin

On January 19, 2014, the life of Tevin Funyun changed forever. Documentarian Harold Flynt examines the sordid relationships that led the CEO of Peaches & Hot Sauce (Nasdaq: PHSC) from the throne of digital media to the throes of despair.

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