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Unearthin’ Yar Buried Treasure

Lonely Life's Instruction Manual

Welcome back, dear readers. Last week’s installment featured a Viking Chieftain lecturing young Nordic warriors on the epic process of reproduction, but this week we feature a much more everyday crisis: the misplacing of valuable items. While we of the modern age experience frustration when we’re unable to locate our television remote or, say, the […]

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The Brighter Side 5/10/13

The Brighter Side

Not a bad week, if you ask me! Two kidnapped girls were found after ten years; it’s been a year since the last somali pirate hijacking; and a Georgia High School throws their first integrated prom. But, as always, those negative Nancies and Debbie downers over in the newsrooms are trying to rain on our […]

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Out of Town

Notes from Jim's Fridge

My Dear Roommates, I’ll be out of town for a while. I’m heading down to the rain forests of Peru to administer flu shots to underprivileged spider monkeys not fortunate enough to be born in American zoos. You’ll notice several pieces of furniture, and the PS3 are missing. I had to sell most of my […]

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Dentally Ill

Screen Shots

When I was in sixth grade, I had seven teeth pulled.  This was meant to prepare my mouth for braces.  See, all your adult teeth have to be in your mouth before you get braces (unless you’re on Toddlers in Tiaras, and then you have some creepy dentist, who is beholden to your creepier mother, do […]

ArticlesLonely Life's Instruction Manual

How to Fertilize an Egg

Lonely Life's Instruction Manual

Throughout history, people have complained that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual to guide their course through the various existential crises that befall humanity. Turns out, they were wrong. Historians of every age have chronicled the necessary steps to triumph over all sorts of human exigencies. Their writings have been preserved, but have never been unveiled to the public…until now!

VideoYa Ya

Ya Ya: Tit for Tat

Enjoy this “Quick Hit” Video Podcast from Episode #28 of Ya Ya with Brian & Colin

In the show snippet “Tit for Tat,” Brian shares his experience of random boob views before Colin ponders new female possibilities.