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72. Atomic Robo Part 1


Kids, I hope you have your cereal ready because game designer Mike Olsen is about to kick off Fate month by introducing us to his setting for the Atomic Robo rpg: nexium ROBO FORCE!

If the much beloved Atomic Robo comic and GI Joe had a beautifully weird baby, this would be it.


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One Response to “72. Atomic Robo Part 1”

  1. Mike Olson December 1, 2014 at 6:52 pm //

    FUN FACT: “Olson” is the hardest name in the world to spell correctly. True story!

    This was fun, guys. Thanks again for letting me run it for you! Let’s do it again.

    (Seriously though, could you do me a solid and spell my name correctly? It’s something of a pet peeve. Thanks!)