A Christmas So Sweet, It’s Spicy

Merry Christmas and all the other stuff!

Cultural ignorance aside, this is the time of year when men and women put decorations up around the city and people sing songs on the train.

In honor of this special time of year, strings of lights glittered in the Kitchen Studios for the Peaches and Hot Sauce Christmas Party. Throughout the evening, guests jumped on mic to record clips for a special Christmas-themed podcast or sat in front of the camera to record a holiday greeting.

To get the full experience of the P&HS Christmas Party, listen to the podcast episode and watch the videos below.

The Peaches and Hot Sauce Christmas Podcast


The Tim and Ozzie Showdown:

Tim Lamphier and Ozzie square off over a coveted seat, and only one can be the victor. Watch this clip to see who wins!


The Odyssey of Belvedere:

Professor Belvedere is an expert in pop culture, but is he an expert in women? Trish Anderson and Leslie Monroe try to understand his appeal, meanwhile he is all too appealed with himself.

Santa and the Mushroom:

Yaun Totters knows the drug-addled truth about the origins of jolly old St. Nick.

Special Thanks To:

Tim Lamphier
Charles Pettitt
Brandon Alan
Luke Cushman
Zack Mast
Lauren O’Rourke
Robin Hellman
Jimmie Bernardin
Amelia Buzzell

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