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123. What’s Chuppahnin?!’ A Wedding Recap

This is a very special LIVE podcast from the Bughouse Theater. It has all the things you love about a Making New Friends episode, and less of the things you hate…mainly Pat.

Barb Greenblat and Karen Goldfarb have just returned from their “best” friend Mitsy’s daughter’s (second) wedding and they can’t wait to gab about every single useless detail. From the Ketubah to the conniption fits, these two saucy 60-somethings and their guests are about to dish.

This show is from the minds of Jess DeMarke and Carly Garber. Fan favorites Andy Hart, Schuyler Weinberg, Elena Wathen, and even Pat make an appearance.

Thanks to the Chicago Podcast Cooperative for hooking up our sponsorships, you can learn more at

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