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Welcome heroes, to a new month of ONE SHOT!

This episode Chris Sims, John Patrick Coan, and Kat Murphy team up to recreate a 90′s kung-fu action movie. Their characters Inspector Jackie, Angela Chan, and Bobby Euphrates, defend a special little pizza shop in the Bronx called “Ancient Chinese Pizza” from the deadly Snake Skin triad. Kick back and crack open an ice cold Pepsi(TM) and listen to fists fly.

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I also found this through WRA and Chris Sims. Congrats, guys. You're now one of my "must-listen" podcasts. So funny, and I would totally watch this movie.


This is an amazing podcast! I, as you mentioned, found this through war rocket ajax ala Chris Sims and am so pleased. I just added you guys to my new weekly updates for my commute to school. THe music is great, keep using it. Its inspired me to try soundboards in live games even now! great work guys!


This was so much fun to listen to. I love the flavor and narration so much. Thanks for doing these!