Somebody and Me

Episode 51: CinemaJaw


This week the gents of Somebody and Me host another podcast duo. Correction our first podcast “duo”: film-centric Cinema Jaw. As if Pat and Rob needed to devote any more time to discussing movies…The group discusses the best films of 2011, and the best trailers of 2011, transitioning quite smoothly (we should probably try and replicate this experience) into Previous Previews. Anticipating the provocation, Rob gleefully divulges how Star Wars Episode I is his favorite…alienating himself from his fellow podcasters, friends, family…

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  1. […] gracious guests on this episode are a couple of fine comedians here in Chicago, and fellow podcasters of the Somebody and Me Podcast: Pat and Rob. These guys were kind enough to have us on their awesome podcast, so it was high […]