Somebody and Me

Episode Five: Chicago We Have Problem (or two)

We’ve all heard the phrase: “I believe introductions are in order.” Well the gents question this phrase after technical difficulties left them with one-word-answers on try number 4 to introduce this episode. After discussing their favorite pizzas at length (or in length, if you prefer New York style) the gents receive a visitor carrying a message from Dominos. Rob learns after recording that Dominos does not in fact have an “e” on the end.

Pat delivers some one-liners Late Night style and some much needed PSAs spread awareness of smoking, chewing gum, bullying, and leaving the seat up…. smoking while chewing gum, bullying while chewing gum, leaving the seat up and bullying, bullying and smoking, bullying while delivering Dominos, and smoking while delivering babies. Lastly, Thomas Cornfeather slams some beers before making a new home out of the radiator corner of the apartment.

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