Somebody and Me

Episode Four: Surviving the Storm

This week’s snowstorm may have stopped a car dead in its tracks… well, dead in the Union Pacific North’s tracks; but it was no deterrent for the guys’ podcast recording. It did, however serve as an impetus (as if they needed one) to warm up with a nip from the old bottle, which for the most part produced an hour of complaining about women. In this episode, Rahm Emanuel stops by to chat a bit about the snowstorm, a crazed bus driver recalls the fateful day of said blizzard, and ambulance drivers experience first hand Chicagoans’ adherence to “dibs.”

Also….. the guys’ favorite fantasy pet came up in conversation, which segued into “what animal would you morph into?” ………….. We didn’t check the booze for an expiration date but in retrospect probably should have. Hence the aforementioned “old” bottle.

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