Somebody and Me

Episode Three: Egypt Could Use a Psychic

The guys in this episode see how effective grade-school D.A.R.E. training is when recreational drug users politely approach a top-of-his-class D.A.R.E. graduate; test the knowledge of the uncharacteristically muted Ms. Cleo, as well as the overcharacteristically loquacious ___ Troy; and discover that, despite the recent riots, Egyptians still know how to let loose… more than 1,000 prison inmates (amongst them a hopeful Rob Yorhaus). The guys also discuss their (incredibly) more mundane social schedules. Which hopefully by the time this episode is live has landed on the cutting room floor.

Disclaimer: the views expressed in this podcast are entirely those of the guests. They are not necessarily endorsed by Pat and Rob….despite how much you might think they sound like their guests.

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