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Making New FriendsPodcasts

158. Switchblades

On today’s podcast, Katie Johnston Smith joins Pat in the Peach Pit and they get hip with all the parents. After the dance, the two new friends are joined by one of the baddest golfers of all time.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

134. Forensic Archaeology

The fifth installment of Punch the Clock is here! This week, Patrick Winegar is joined by Molly Bearman who talks to us about being a forensic archaeologist. But first, the local Teach the Controversy club speaks out against the contents of their children’s science and anthropology textbooks.

PodcastsThe Overshare

Pat Winegar and Jack Pelzer

Summer’s over but this episode is hot! Patrick Winegar and Jack Pelzer join James and Alex to talk about the shortest relationships we’ve ever had, and what sort of smell we would deal with for 100 dollars. We drop a cartoon anvil on our 7th grade boyfriend, and rob a bank of their precious cursed rubies.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

124. Punch the Clock

Patrick O’Rourke hands the reins of the show to Patrick Winegar to guarantee that everyone gets super confused. Pat (W not O) does the first episode of a new series called Punching the Clock. In this series Pat (again W not O) talks to interesting people about their interesting jobs. On today’s show we meet a campaign manager who dishes the dirt on working with politicians, and dirty politicians take the stage to partake in the 2015 Peaches and Hot Sauce Presidential caucus.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

121. Jack’s Cousin Eric

This week, Jack Pelzer takes over the show after Pat takes an urgent call from his Mom. Jack was lucky enough to have has cousin Eric in town, so they talk about all the fun things a tourist can do in Chicago. Have you been to WereSeaWorld yet? You gotta see the turtles, but DO NOT under any circumstances feed them pizza.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

120. PRPS! Live in the Studio!

Pat is back in the Ozman Lofts! To celebrate both his return to Chicago and the Pitchfork Music Festival real life musician and pirate shanty extraordinaire Berry St. Pierre. His alter-ego PRPS! killed it this weekend, and he blew all the hipster kids minds my combining classics like YO HO HO and new favorites like MOLLY.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

109. Penne Pasta Packs a Punch

Jack Pelzer joins Pat to talk about the difference between Logan Square and Wicker Park, and the evolution of an envelope factory. After the dance, the guys are joined by Arletta Manicotti who runs with a dangerous crew and cooks a mean dish. Things really heat up when they start talking about rosemary, her baby and Mia Farrow’s watery eyes.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

107. More Prestigious Than Frolf

In this game filled episode of Making New Friends, Emily makes her first appearance on the show and teaches Pat how to play Balderdash. The two friends are then joined by Dillon McDirmittt. He is the greens keeper at Indian Boundaries in Batavia Illinois, and absolute loves the sport of golf. Pat tries to relate by brining up the greatest sport in the world, Disc Golf! Not Frolf! Frolf is a dumb name for a great sport. Also, Emily wants to play with boomerangs! BOOMERANGS! Now that is just crazy.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

105. The Last Day in the Kitchen

This is the last recording ever in the Kitchen Studios, so Jack and Pat reminisce about that time they had to reshoot a video because Zack needed to change his shirt. After the dance, the guys are joined by the most professional of maids. Karen Green, cleaning lady extraordinaire, assesses the cleanliness of the world, the kitchen, and deer butts.