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Making New FriendsPodcasts

117. Surviving on Coconut Husks

Spencer (of the legendary Dilettante Ball podcast) makes his first appearance on the show, and he is not impressed. What does impress Spencer, other than Pat’s sweet rhyme, is our guest. He has been surviving on an island for the past 15 years. Not only has he survived this long, but he has also been on the show Survivor! Are you impressed? You should be.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

116. Rhyme Time!

The guys of the Dilettante Ball are on the podcast! Johnny and Pat catch up about the past two years, and then are joined by salesman extraordinaire Marshall Mathers. He has a whole book of rhymes he wants to drop on Pat, and Pat takes that as a challenge. Pat beats the rhymes to death by slipping them into casual conversation, and Johnny judges the whole thing.

One ShotPodcasts

65. S-N-HELL

This week James brings Johnny O’Mara, Spencer Hamilton, and Patrick McDonald on the show to celebrate the creepening of Halloween. In this game of Dread the boys get the chance to audition for SNL and it goes just about as badly as an audition could possibly go.


A Jangleheart Ball

Pat, Spencer, and Johnny got together to host a special live Jangleheart podcast! The table was full of friends like Chris Geiger, Kevin Reader, an Andersound board, the youngest skull busting Alderman, a body affirming wizard, an attorney avoiding Don Doyle, a fan favorite Ernie, and it all resulted in a call to the the Wiki-PD.

Quick note on sound: We were in a public area so there is a considerable amount of background noise to kick off the podcast, but luckily someone closed a door and sound gets much better about five min in. Thanks for your patience.

One ShotPodcasts

40. Call Of Cthulhu Pulp Heroes Part 2

Batman, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Tom Riddle, and The Doctor chase down the mysterious doctor Faust to recover the necromonicon. Their chase leads them to a conspiracy that could end up threatening the world, space time, and most importantly, AMERICA.

One ShotPodcasts

39. Pulp Cthulhu Part 1

It is finally here, the grand finale to our C2E2 episodes. We are playing some Call of Cthulhu with a super star crossover twist. In order to support our boys fighting over seas Wayne Industries has organized a charity auction to raise money for war bonds. The auction will rent antiquities from the Wayne private collection, as well as a few on loan from the nearby Miskatonic University.

One Shot

28. Star Wars Edge of the Empire Part 3

In the bowels of the Death Star Leenik Gilo, Tristan Valentine, R2-D20 and Dacta have found Tamlin Jourunn. However, their rescue mission may be more difficult than they anticipated as the obedience tattoos on the boy’s face have been completed.

One ShotPodcasts

27. Star Wars Edge of the Empire Part 2

The crew has been tasked with rescuing Grizel’s son from the clutches of Ava Arrak. Now or band of heroes must steel themselves to match wits with the Hand of the Emperor… or dress up as storm troopers and tool around for half an hour.

One ShotPodcasts

25. Star Wars Edge of the Empire

John Patrick Coan, Johnny O’Mara, and Matt Kubinski return for another series of Star Wars episodes! However, this time Kat Murphy is stepping in as GM and James will be playing along side the rest of the party. It has been five years since the last series of episodes and it is over a decade before Luke Skywalker leaves Tattoine. The crew is making their living as bounty hunters, but danger looms on the horizon…