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My So-Called Life Live!

There’s nothing that three dudes in their twenties are more qualified to do than try to tackle the problems of a teenage girl. Ian, John and special guest Pat O’Rourke proved that over and over again while talking about the nineties high school drama My So-Called Life starring Claire Danes and Jared Leto. Guns, zits and Twilight only grace the surface of this special live episode recorded at The Bughouse Theater.

PodcastsThe Overshare

Liz Anderson and Patrick O’Rourke

Our fearless leader Patrick O’Rourke and friend of the show Liz Anderson join us to talk about men’s rights and Mad Max: Fury Road. We give out some much needed relationship advice to a redditor who is dealing with some modern communication problems, and we find out that Counting Crows and Green Day ensnare young people and trick them into loving the devil and three chord punk. <3


Todd Sheehan for Middlebrook Township

On October 13, tragedy struck Middlebrook Township. The late Tax Assessor McGovern still had so much to live for. Thank God Todd Sheehan is here to make sure his work will never be completed. Starring: Schuyler Weinberg as Todd Sheehan Andy Hart as Frank McGovern Directed, Shot, Edited by: Patrick O’Rourke Written by: Patrick Winegar […]

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PodcastsThe Don Doyle Show

Fame and 4chan

Don Doyle in the Morning is back. In the Morning! When you decide to listen to it. This week we have the most gossipy of gossip for you. The man(child) behind the Jennifer Lawrence picture leak is on the show with Don and Ern. Get a listen before this gets leaked! (Get it? Because of the leak? Eh, you get it.)

PodcastsThe Don Doyle Show


Don Doyle in the Morning is back with some hot gossipy morning show action! Reba McIntyre’s first ex-husband that nobody knows ever existed. He comes on the show to tell us the biggest secret about Reba nobody saw coming.

PodcastsThe Don Doyle Show

Barry Switzer Sweets

Last week Ernie made the bold claim that he’d hit Barry Switzer right in the nose, so we brought Barry on to see if this score could be settled. Little did we know Barry Switzer would be pushing his new line of products, Switzer Sweets. Get ready for some truth!

PodcastsThe Don Doyle Show

Don Doyle in the Morning

Welcome to ‘Season 2’ of The Don Doyle Show- Don Doyle in the Morning. The show had to take a ‘hiatus’ to ‘retool’ the show so that they could get this ‘promotion’ to be the ‘only morning show on ‘Peaches and Hot Sauce.” To celebrate the move Don has on his super agent Barry Schwitzer, without whom this great ‘promotion’ would never have happened. Don even gets a surprise visit from the ever friendly ‘Pat’ from ‘Peaches and Hot Sauce.’ Thanks for the sound board Barry! Or Pat. Still not sure who got it.