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Making New FriendsPodcasts

165. Alienated (the pilot)

Hi friends! We are working on a new show over at the Peach Pit Studio, and I would love your feedback. If sci-fi is your thing, this one won’t disappoint.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

134. Forensic Archaeology

The fifth installment of Punch the Clock is here! This week, Patrick Winegar is joined by Molly Bearman who talks to us about being a forensic archaeologist. But first, the local Teach the Controversy club speaks out against the contents of their children’s science and anthropology textbooks.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

133. Trip Up The Triplets Trivia Podcast

In 1990, three babies were born so smart, they were asked to take the MENSA exam. Their results were invalidated because they couldn’t read yet, but they knew they belonged with the greatest minds of our time. Now all grown up, they’re out to prove they’re smarter than you!

PodcastsThe Overshare

Pat Winegar and Jack Pelzer

Summer’s over but this episode is hot! Patrick Winegar and Jack Pelzer join James and Alex to talk about the shortest relationships we’ve ever had, and what sort of smell we would deal with for 100 dollars. We drop a cartoon anvil on our 7th grade boyfriend, and rob a bank of their precious cursed rubies.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

131. Punch the Clock 4

Patrick Winegar is back and this week he talks with a former NASA Mission Control technician Christie Grace about what it’s like sending things into outer space for a living. This is the most interesting conversation yet, and is followed by a robust Q&A. But first, a presentation about the Moon landing from the local Space Club!

Making New FriendsPodcasts

129. Poochinski aka Bark and Diversey

Jack Pelzer takes the wheel this week and assembles a pack of top notch writers to re-envision the legendary failed pilot Poochinski. These dirty canines find new ways to explore a gritty world of inexplicable transformations, overt sexism, and terrible puns.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

128. Punch the Clock 3

In this episode, Patrick Winegar sits down with attorney Josiah Jenkins to learn about life in the court room. But first, a class from a local night school for Simple Country Lawyers hones their skills with a mock trial.