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134. Forensic Archaeology

The fifth installment of Punch the Clock is here! This week, Patrick Winegar is joined by Molly Bearman who talks to us about being a forensic archaeologist. But first, the local Teach the Controversy club speaks out against the contents of their children’s science and anthropology textbooks.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

131. Punch the Clock 4

Patrick Winegar is back and this week he talks with a former NASA Mission Control technician Christie Grace about what it’s like sending things into outer space for a living. This is the most interesting conversation yet, and is followed by a robust Q&A. But first, a presentation about the Moon landing from the local Space Club!

Making New FriendsPodcasts

123. What’s Chuppahnin?!’ A Wedding Recap

This is a very special LIVE podcast from the Bughouse Theater. It has all the things you love about a Making New Friends episode, and less of the things you hate…mainly Pat. Barb Greenblat and Karen Goldfarb have just returned from their “best” friend Mitsy’s daughter’s (second) wedding and they can’t wait to gab about every single useless detail. From the Ketubah to the conniption fits, these two saucy 60-somethings and their guests are about to dish.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

115. Death Wears White

We did it! Finally, Pat gets to play a murder mystery game with some of the coolest killers in Chicago. This was so much fun that it can only be described as still born.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

114. Quentin Tarantino and His Agent

Quentin Tarantino is on the podcast. We can’t say much because we signed a lengthy agreement saying we wouldn’t release any spoilers.


Todd Sheehan for Middlebrook Township

On October 13, tragedy struck Middlebrook Township. The late Tax Assessor McGovern still had so much to live for. Thank God Todd Sheehan is here to make sure his work will never be completed. Starring: Schuyler Weinberg as Todd Sheehan Andy Hart as Frank McGovern Directed, Shot, Edited by: Patrick O’Rourke Written by: Patrick Winegar […]

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Making New Friends Podcast

Making New FriendsPodcasts

Raw Denim and Textile Management

There are times when you make friends so fast, that you couldn’t imagine life before they existed. Patrick, Art, and Pat have the exact opposite experience when they meet Kimbo Slice and his manager. These guys are annoying. Pat doesn’t like them, and thinks about quitting podcasting all together. Lots of talking over each other, MMA, sounds, accents, textile management, and who knows what else.


A Jangleheart Ball

Pat, Spencer, and Johnny got together to host a special live Jangleheart podcast! The table was full of friends like Chris Geiger, Kevin Reader, an Andersound board, the youngest skull busting Alderman, a body affirming wizard, an attorney avoiding Don Doyle, a fan favorite Ernie, and it all resulted in a call to the the Wiki-PD.

Quick note on sound: We were in a public area so there is a considerable amount of background noise to kick off the podcast, but luckily someone closed a door and sound gets much better about five min in. Thanks for your patience.