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Making New FriendsPodcasts

117. Surviving on Coconut Husks

Spencer (of the legendary Dilettante Ball podcast) makes his first appearance on the show, and he is not impressed. What does impress Spencer, other than Pat’s sweet rhyme, is our guest. He has been surviving on an island for the past 15 years. Not only has he survived this long, but he has also been on the show Survivor! Are you impressed? You should be.

Making New FriendsPodcasts

116. Rhyme Time!

The guys of the Dilettante Ball are on the podcast! Johnny and Pat catch up about the past two years, and then are joined by salesman extraordinaire Marshall Mathers. He has a whole book of rhymes he wants to drop on Pat, and Pat takes that as a challenge. Pat beats the rhymes to death by slipping them into casual conversation, and Johnny judges the whole thing.

One ShotPodcasts

65. S-N-HELL

This week James brings Johnny O’Mara, Spencer Hamilton, and Patrick McDonald on the show to celebrate the creepening of Halloween. In this game of Dread the boys get the chance to audition for SNL and it goes just about as badly as an audition could possibly go.


A Jangleheart Ball

Pat, Spencer, and Johnny got together to host a special live Jangleheart podcast! The table was full of friends like Chris Geiger, Kevin Reader, an Andersound board, the youngest skull busting Alderman, a body affirming wizard, an attorney avoiding Don Doyle, a fan favorite Ernie, and it all resulted in a call to the the Wiki-PD.

Quick note on sound: We were in a public area so there is a considerable amount of background noise to kick off the podcast, but luckily someone closed a door and sound gets much better about five min in. Thanks for your patience.

PodcastsThe Overshare

Patrick Bodenhausen and Spencer Hamilton

Patrick Bodenhausen and Spencer Hamilton join us this week to talk about our feminine sides. We recommend some products made for ladies that work just as well for guys, learn about Chicago’s laws regarding haunted double-decker busses, and we give some good advice to a man who lost his wife in a tragic threesome.



It’s the recording of our birthday party! Here’s your chance to hear the fun. Next time, come and see it so you don’t miss a thing. Thank you to everyone who came out. You’re the best.

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Previous Previews: The Book Was Better

The “Previous Previews” tournament continues into the fourth round as Spencer Hamilton and Matt Beard battle over the most literary of themes. Listen close and play along to find out who will join Carley, Brendon, and Alex in the quarter-finals.