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Making New FriendsPodcasts

138. These Little Piggies

Matt Kubinski dropped by the Peach Pit to talk podcasting with Pat, but Quentin Tarantino popped in and stepped all over the conversation.

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Law Dog

Alex and James gladly welcome the improv team that is widely considered to be the sexiest in town: Law Dog! John Patrick Coan, Luke Null, Zack Mast, and Alex Nichols join us to decompress about the St. Patrick’s Day crime blotter, then we visit reddit.com/r/sex and learn about body stockings, and Zack’s first masturbation experience. How are you not listening yet?

Making New FriendsPodcasts

104. On Repeat

Patrick W and Zack M, P&HS writers and old friends, join Pat in the kitchen to talk about brunch and awkward invitations. After the dance, they are joined by friendship coach and broken record Winter Slivers. Pat and Zack have been fighting, and Winter has some difficulty mending the cracks. You see, he recently suffered some trauma worse than that between Zack and Pat’s friendship…or maybe not?

Making New FriendsPodcasts

102. Close to Falling

We are back! After a short hiatus, Pat and J.P.C settle into the Kitchen Studios just in time to get hit with a lawsuit. Ron Barringston, a lawyer for the flippy dippy weirdos, hits Peaches and Hot Sauce with a huge fine from SAG. The guys get suspicious, but Pat’s new neighbor drops by to drop a great rhyme and save the day. Idaho Freemont uses the gift of gab to slip and slide his way out of trouble and into our hearts.


A Storybook Ending

The turn of the century means turnover in the duchy of Wexford — but that soon may turn to upheaval. As the archaic laws of pedigree and inheritance cascade around him, a young noble opens his eyes — and his heart — to the wrong class. But will the chance of a future together prevail over a feudal system stuck in the past?

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One ShotPodcasts

59. Crazy Anniversary Partiers 4

With hearts of steel and skin of stone the Crazy Partiers descend into the wicked depths of the Underdark where an ancient evil awaits their arrival. What will they find in the inky cavers so far from the warm embrace of the sun? The final boss? Monsters that are not appropriately scaled to 5e? Exactly what Kat predicated? Love?

Probably all of those things.