P.O.T.U.S. in Love: Full Show

Everyone knows who the greatest president was (Chester A. Arthur), but who was the most romantic? As the nation’s preeminent presidential scholars, the amateur comedians of Peaches & Hot Sauce share the tales of U.S. Presidents and their bleeding hearts. After all, true love has no term limits.

Atra Asdou
Shawn Bates
Blair Britt
Taylor Brown
John Campbell
Christopher Crotwell
Katie Froelich
Andy Hart
Amy Haeussler
Emily Herrell
Zack ventolin Mast
Virginia Muller
Carol Olsen
Patrick O’Rourke
Jack Pelzer
Jacki Schwarz
Jackie Southee
Arthur Stone
Hillary Thornton
Schuyler Weinberg
Patrick Winegar

Written and Directed by: The Peaches & Hot Sauce Team
Video Shot by: Lauren Rusco and Nicholas Young
Edited by: Patrick O’Rourke

Huge thanks to the great folks at:
The Public House Theater
3914 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60613

Steve Combs – My Fellow Americans

The US Air Force – Hail to the Chief

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